People wonder what I mean by Director of Miscellaneous that I joke is my title.

Well this week I:
Set up a new Linux vm to help one engineering team to handle secure file transfer for a trial run with a client
Got XCode set up to ad-hoc distribute a test app (I am not a mobile developer or their lead, but stepping in as lead in interim)
Set up our enterprise nuget registry with example repo & docs on how to repeat (I am not a .NET engineer at all)
Started an architecture plan for a multi-tenant iOS app (again, not a mobile dev myself, and this includes all the backend architecture too)

And that’s just some of the random highlights. At any other given time I'm managing my team, building prototypes of ideas or containerizing someone else's proof-of-concept so we can test it, working on continuous learning plans for my team (and hopefully model for other teams), or doing CloudOps/DevOps work.

Quite frankly this has just always been my career over 20 years. I thrive on variety, juggling multiple types of projects, and both overseeing things and being at the ground level building at the same time.

Variety is the spice of life right? Now I'm going to go take a nap. ;)