DevOps teams are an anti-pattern, but ...

My response to someone about how they feel like they're doing DevOps wrong at their company. And asking why is a DevOps team frowned upon.

Changing GitHub Enterprise users from LDAP to local

I needed to have most users move to a different AD/LDAP server but leave a few behind on local logins. The instructions from GitHub support had issues I had to figure out on my own.

Don't idolize Elon Musk

I responded to someone on LinkedIn shaming people for using "I don't have time" as an excuse and praising Elon Musk's overworking habits. Wanted to capture my response here as well.

First rack for my homelab

My first open rack for the homelab and the initial equipment I've put in it.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors (part one)

I have a home from 1914 which has a lot of charm and a lot of issues. One of which is the need to constantly pay attention to the humidity levels and temperature in all floors, finished and unfinished, in the house. This project of my homelab will cover the hardware and custom software I write for it.

How I made this site (part two)

Now to finish off the tutorial on how I made this site including previewing the content and automating some tasks with invoke.

How I made this site (part one)

First post on site, about making the site, while I'm building the site. So meta.