Learning in public

Recently inspired by an essay to learn in public, I go over a few of the ways I plan to do that.

Setting up my new Mac

Starting a new job soon and have my brand new 13" MacBook Pro sent to me. Decided to document how I'm setting it up before the gig starts.

Director of Miscellaneous

Crazy week of miscellaneous sums up my job pretty well.

Developing a Continuous Learning Environment

What I feel are key pieces of setting up a continuous learning environment in your company. Some obvious, some not.

Chasing Features

Inspired by a tweet from another person, I wanted to talk about chasing features that are shiny, and ignoring things that aren't "features" (even though they are).

My thoughts on Amazon Sidewalk

My brief thoughts on Amazon Sidewalk and why I'm ditching Alexa hardware

DevOps teams are an anti-pattern, but ...

My response to someone about how they feel like they're doing DevOps wrong at their company. And asking why is a DevOps team frowned upon.

Changing GitHub Enterprise users from LDAP to local

I needed to have most users move to a different AD/LDAP server but leave a few behind on local logins. The instructions from GitHub support had issues I had to figure out on my own.

Don't idolize Elon Musk

I responded to someone on LinkedIn shaming people for using "I don't have time" as an excuse and praising Elon Musk's overworking habits. Wanted to capture my response here as well.

First rack for my homelab

My first open rack for the homelab and the initial equipment I've put in it.