I responded to someone on LinkedIn shaming people for using "I don't have time" as an excuse and praising Elon Musk's overworking habits. Wanted to capture my response here as well.

Let's not try to normalize working 85-100 hours a week. That's ridiculous. And shame on you for holding that up as something to aspire too.

Before spouting some glorification of overworking why don't you do a little math?

Let's be generous and use the whole seven days in a week.

168 hours in a week.

He works 100 leaving 68. Certainly he sleeps but let's say he doesn't get a full 8 (even though that's healthiest). Let's say 6 per night.

That's 42 hours sleeping.

So after working and sleeping he's got 26 hours or under 4 hours per day. To eat. And be a parent (lololololol) and a husband and whatever he wants to do "for fun".

Sounds terrible. No thank you.

Or maybe this isn't true and "I don't have time" is short for some peoples "I'm depressed because of the pandemic" or "it's hard to balance work and kids and house work when you don't have a billion dollars and staff on hand to do things for you".

He literally has enough money to have someone wipe his bum for him to save time.

We're not going to compare ourselves to Elon. No one should. Stop being gross.

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